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Festival CuratorKim Petalas
Palace Festivals 
Elysia ZeccolaNational Festivals Director
Bettina KinskiNational Festivals Operations Manager 
Ally ChapmanNational Partnerships Manager
Lisa RickettsFestival Marketing & Palace Cinemas PR Manager
Marlo SullivanNational Festivals Coordinator
Jessica SeychellFestival Department Assistant
Palace Cinemas 
Antonio ZeccolaExecutive Chairman
Benjamin ZeccolaChief Executive Officer
Paul TimosNational Programming Director
Zak HepburnCurator of Film & Screen Culture
Michael RafteryProgramming Specialist
Alex MoirNational Marketing Manager
Sinead TarantoNational Advertising Manager
Stephanie ZeccolaLoyalty Manager
John KoutsoumisDigital Content Manager
Lilly FordOperations, People & Performance
Caitlin CulverOperations, People & Performance
Miranda BrownPublicity - Melbourne/Sydney/Canberra/Adelaide
Nicola Warman-FloodPublicity - Brisbane
Adriana BegovichPublicity - Perth
PosterDemi Hopkins, Anne Nicholson – Carnival Studio
ProgrammeAnne Nicholson, Ana May – Carnival Studio
TrailerBlake Gamble
WebsiteSimon Lawrence – Arctic Ramen Creative

Our thanks also goes to: Nicolas Whatson, Michael Tait, Paige Diamond and Tony Zrna (Palace Films); Magenta McHalick (National GFE Manager), Abhilash Kaimal and Maddison Voigtlander (GFE Sydney), Kate Williams and Madeline Hardie (GFE Melbourne), Sophie Cox (GFE Brisbane); Megan Paice and Alfred Haddon (The Astor Theatre); Justin McCloud, Emelyn Kirkegaard and Lachlan Bradshaw (Palace Cinema Como); Letitia Feldt, Lydia Sant and Lucy Bond (Palace Balwyn); Heather Currie and Evan Hope-Price (Palace Brighton Bay); Amanda Bishop, Kaitlin Down and Joshua Koscak (Pentridge Cinema); Josh Husselbee and Liam Sydow (Palace Westgarth); Edwina Ryan and Clover Lawrie (The Kino); Steven Nicholls and Lily Eastcott (Palace Central); Elliot Collins and Alice Kotowicz (Palace Norton Street); Joanne Watt and Sean Hinds (Chauvel Cinema); Jim Williams (Palace Verona) Aziz Kallala, Jarrah Noel-MacPherson and Cameron Kelson (Palace Electric); Georgia Harawira and Sam Hall (Palace Barracks); Cassidy Richardson and Ella Sampson (Palace James St); Eli Ayo and Briar Rhoades (Palace Byron Bay); Emily Stewart, Max Gipson, William Moo (Palace Raine Square); Karen Karpinski, Gabi Gondolf, Sophie Bird and Brian Richards (Palace Nova Cinemas); Ingrid van den Berghe, Candice Skinner, Wade Taylor, Claudia Cukrov and Charlotte Sym (Luna Cinemas); and everyone at Palace Head Office and Palace Cinemas nationally.