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My Father and Me
Australian Premiere

My Father and Me

Amongst the foremost names in documentary filmmaking for decades, Nick Broomfield (Tracking Down Maggie, Biggie and Tupac) has never made a film more distinctly personal than this complex and tender snapshot of his father’s life. 

A moving film about his relationship with his humanist-pacifist father, Maurice Broomfield, a factory worker turned photographer of vivid, often lustrous images of industrial post-WWII England, My Father and Me paints an affectionate and at times gently teasing portrait. 

While his father's photos inspired Nick’s own filmmaking career, they also ignite a discussion about the outlook of pacifist Maurice who abhorred conflict and Nick, whose less romantic, more left-wing political identity stemmed from his mother’s side. 

A celebration of Maurice’s talent as a leading industry photographer in post-war Britain, My Father and Me is both memoir and tribute to Maurice Bloomfield. In its intimate story of one family, it takes an expansive, philosophical look at the 20th century itself, with heartwarming results.

Nick Broomfield
Maurice Broomfield, Nick Broomfield
2020 | 94 min | Documentary | United Kingdom
A poignant and beautifully made tribute to a man who was so obviously a huge part of, and influence on, the filmmaker's life.
Backseat Mafia
New York Film Festival 2019
Chicago International Film Festival 2019, Best Documentary