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My Name is Alfred Hitchcock

My Name is Alfred Hitchcock

Few directors have been mythologised like Alfred Hitchcock. Extensively and intricately researched, this insightful documentary weaves footage from virtually every film Hitchcock ever made to offer a fresh profile of the masterful movie maker and his practice. A deep dive into cinema history, director Mark Cousins offers fans old and new an inspiring portrait of a truly iconic filmmaker.

The legend of Alfred Hitchcock has been told and retold in innumerable forms, but this profile offers a masterclass in Hitchcockian twists and techniques. The wild card is employing the talents of impressionist Alistair McGowan, who brings Hitch back to life via his astute mimicry of the director’s iconic charisticaries. 

Cousins has crafted a series of remarkable connections between the films convincingly laying out the six key emotions that guided Hitch and his filmic senses. Delivering a new and radical take on the documentary form, My Name is Alfred Hitchcock conjures the enigmatic aura of what made Hitchcock a filmmaker that generations of admirers continue to follow.

2022 | 120 min | UK | Documentary
Director: Mark Cousins
Cast: Alistair McGowan
Brimming with insights and movie love.
The Hollywood Reporter

Festivals and Awards

Telluride Film Festival, 2022
Glasgow Film Festival 2023
San Francisco International Film Festival 2023