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Pretty Red Dress

Pretty Red Dress

Travis, newly paroled from prison, returns home and quickly discovers much has changed. His girlfriend Candice works at the local grocery store but keeps getting callback auditions for her dream role playing Tina Turner in a new West End musical whilst their teen daughter bristles against schoolyard bullying.

When Candice notices a striking red dress, she knows it would be the perfect outfit for her next audition. Travis takes a dishwasher job at his brother's restaurant to buy the dress and surprise her with it…however instead of being the solution to their family's problems, the dress creates a new chapter in their journey.

Engaging with notions of masculinity, self-discovery and gender expression with touching honesty and insight, set against the backdrop of South London and humming with the energy of iconic Tina Turner songs, this is a striking debut feature from writer and director Dionne Edwards. Featuring breakthrough performances from Natey Jones alongside newcomer Temilola Olatunbosun, and the chart-topping singer and West End actor Alexandra Burke in her first film role, this exhilarating story pulsates with verve, humor, and compassion.

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2022 | 110 min | UK | Drama
Director: Dionne Edwards
Cast: Natey Jones, Alexandra Burke, Temilola Olatunbosun
A toe-tapping London tale of desire and identity
The Guardian

Festivals and Awards

Best Feature Film, Seattle International Film Festival 2023
Best Film by an Emerging Director, Munich Film Festival 2023