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A cusp-of-fame rockstar biopic starring the very talented actor and musician Johnny Flynn (Emma, The Dig), Stardust follows David Bowie’s first US publicity tour - a road trip that inspired the invention of his iconic alter ego Ziggy Stardust.

In 1971, a 24-year-old fledgling Bowie is sent to America to promote his newest record, ‘The Man Who Sold the World’. Leaving behind his pregnant wife Angie (Jena Malone), Bowie and his band embark on a makeshift coast-to-coast promotional tour with struggling Mercury Records publicist Rob Oberman (Marc Maron).

Once there, Bowie is quickly met with an audience that is not yet ready for him. During the tumultuous journey, Bowie slowly begins to realise a need to reinvent himself in order to truly become himself and thus his iconic, celestial alter-ego Ziggy Stardust is born.

Directed and co-written by Gabriel Range and anchored by two stellar performances from Flynn and Maron, Stardust offers an intimate glimpse into the creation of Bowie’s first and most memorable persona, a turning point that cemented his legacy as one of the world’s greatest cultural icons.

Gabriel Range
Johnny Flynn, Marc Maron, Jena Malone
2020 | 109 min | Biography, Drama, Music | United Kingdom
A small, intelligent drama that riffs creatively on the legend of David Bowie.
Film Authority
Tribeca Film Festival 2020
CAFTCAD Awards 2021, Best Costume Design in Film Period