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The Lesson

The Lesson

Richard E. Grant, Julie Delpy and Daryl McCormack ignite the screen in this literary thriller tracking a young writer who takes a job tutoring the son of an arrogant literary giant. McCormack (who shined in Good Luck to You, Leo Grande) plays Liam, an aspiring novelist and impressive academic, who begins to tutor the son of famed novelist J.M. Sinclair (brought to life by the acerbic sting of Grant) and his art curator wife Hélène, played by the always impressive Delpy.

Liam soon realizes that he is ensnared in a complicated web of family secrets, resentment, and retribution. Sinclair, his wife Hélène, and their son Bertie all guard a dark past, one that threatens their future as well as Liam’s own. As the lines between master and protégé blur, class, ambition, and betrayal become a dangerous combination.

Deploying a taut noir atmosphere, director Alice Troughton ratchets up the tension as family secrets are revealed. The serpentine narrative leads to a thrilling serpentine climax.

2023 | 103 min | UK, Germany | Drama
Director: Alice Troughton
Cast: Daryl McCormack, Richard E. Grant, Julie Delpy, Stephen McMillan
Richard E Grant is superb as a supercilious and sly British author in this country house drama.
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Festivals and Awards

Tribeca Film Festival, 2023
Hamburg Film Festival, 2023