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The Wife and Her House Husband
Australian Premiere

The Wife and Her House Husband

As their contentious divorce moves towards an end, Cassie (Laura Bayston) and Matthew (Laurence Spellman) receive a surprise reminder from their past - a letter they wrote to each other as young lovers, containing instructions for a potential future separation. The letter encourages them to create meaningful experiences that will allow them to part ways with love and not bitterness.

Over the course of four intense days, the couple struggle to reconcile their lingering feelings with the reality of their situation. As they reconnect, they must grapple with the question of whether they can truly move on from their painful past and build a future together.

An impressive piece of filmmaking, the sparse shooting aesthetic allows the raw emotion of the narrative to be the primary focus. Showcasing an honest, tender script navigating the highs and lows of married life, Marcus Markou crafts an engrossing and engaging drama fuelled by solid central performances.

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2022 | 87 min | UK | Drama
Director: Marcus Markou
Cast: Laurence Spellman, Laura Bayston
An interesting, worthwhile movie that genuinely gets under the skin of a long marriage
The Guardian

Festivals and Awards

Best Feature Film, British Urban Film Festival 2022